About Scantalk

Scantalk develops and markets a range of functional and service-oriented standard applications under the common name TeamView® Application Suite. In addition, activities around consultancy and development of advanced customized CTI solutions.

Evolution takes place in a strategic cooperation with international market leading platform partners where focus is concentrated on the integration of telecommunications- and data technologies and services - a discipline in which Scantalk maintain specialized unique skills.

TeamView® application Suite is designed to provide extensive support to employees who have daily contact with customers and partners. The suite is composed of dedicated client applications for switchboard, client applications for other customer-facing staff (e.g. contact centers), client applications which can be usefully applied by all employees and finally a group of service applications that integrate client applications with other systems, applications, databases and communication services.

Accessibility definitely is Scantalks’ main focus area. Many people are involved in the ongoing development process, because there is constant need for - and demands on - objective, non-disciplinary proposals and views - not least from the active and future end users. Consequently, all application development takes place in an open and interactive environment.

buildingOur ambitions are to develop applications which in any situation goes a little beyond the ordinary, and our collective abilities are constantly challenged, especially on issues such as business insight and understanding, creativity, quality and vision.

Scantalk is founded in 2000, and we are a veteran innovator in the Communication Software and Call Center industry. Scantalk has actively listened to the needs of its clients, digested their requirements, developed solutions to meet those needs and delivered them on a real-time basis to the market.

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